Everything has purpose…everything. Every moment has purpose…each and every one. Sometimes we recognize this purpose, sometimes not. Sometimes we get it “Oh! That’s why I’m here today.” And sometimes we don’t “I have no idea why that just happened.” It is not important to know the why or what the purpose is. What is important, is to just to be you wherever you are.

Treat each moment knowing that it has purpose. All too often each moment is treated as though it has no importance, no purpose, no worth or it doesn’t matter…simply because we are not privy to know it’s purpose. All too often we deem moments not worthy of our presence because we do not understand the depth of our self or who we are. All too often we treat ourselves as though we are unimportant, not worthy of our full presence…simply because we have not taken the time to know, understand and trust who we truly Are. We have not taken the time to create relationship with Self. Or because we just can’t manage to see our ‘purpose’. Just because we can’t see our purpose in this moment does not mean that we are not the essence of Purpose ourselves. Just because you can’t manage to see ‘purpose’ right now does not mean you live a life void of purpose. If every moment has purpose…live purposefully. Purposefully…like knowing that everything, every Being, every moment…every breath…has purpose and you are part of that purpose…regardless of you being able to see the final purpose or not.

Everything, every Being, every moment has purpose…Divine purpose. Treat yourself and all other Beings with the grace and respect that Divine deserves…that You deserve.

As a Hospice Chaplain and Psychic Medium it continues to amaze me to witness…to be witness…and acknowledge that how we live is how we die. It shows up in various forms…as the emotional always (always) shows up in the physical. We may not ever acknowledge that, but indeed it is truth. Those physical issues that plaque you…indeed are a result of your emotional fears. And in the exact same sense, the health of your body is indeed a result of your emotional ‘love’ or trust.

Working in hospice allows me to witness and support patients and family members during their transition. Being a Psychic Medium in this space allows me to see beyond the physical and know the larger picture. We each have our own journey…and no one outside of self can change that. Being able to see the larger picture helps greatly in being able to hold loving space for the transition instead of getting attached to the need to ‘save’ someone.

Death by digging in his heels.
Digging his heels in his whole life – resisting assistance, taking on all things himself because he feared he was not enough…or would be seen as weak. When he came on to hospice the wounds on his heels were pretty bad but certainly heal-able. Even when told that all he needed to do was stay off of his feet for a bit, or at least raise them while he was sitting, he resisted and refused. His heels stayed on the ground and the wounds became worse. At first he denied the pain…again, refusing any assistance. But now, the wounds are so deep, to the bone in fact, that they are unlikely to heal.

I watch as my Nurse struggles…watching him, wanting to cure and comfort him. He no longer denies the pain. The wounds are now infected. By signing on to hospice he acknowledged and agreed to only comfort measures…which means that antibiotics are not prescribed…but pain meds are. Although these specific wounds are not his hospice diagnosis, they are what will probably take his life. In wanting to cure, the Nurse turns to the Dr to ask for antibiotics. The Dr refuses and the Nurses ability to ‘cure’ has been denied. My heart goes out to my her…and she is furious with the Dr. The Dr, although quite unconscious of it, is allowing the unfolding of the patients journey to occur without the intervention of the Nurse.

With the ability to see beyond the physical I know that he is not to be ‘saved’ by anyone. The lack of antibiotics allows the plan, the patients plan, to unfold naturally. He will die from having dug his heels in his whole life…it is how he lived, and it is how he will die.

The Nurse struggles morally, emotionally…like many of us would. Now that he is in the position to actually swallow a pill if given to him, his Soul has properly stepped in and used the Dr to deny any assistance. Sometimes…most times…more than most times…we cannot ‘save’ another. Their journey is their journey…and for good reason…regardless of what it looks like to us.

Imagine that…dying from an infection from digging in your heels. You can’t get much more profound. Holding on to beliefs that no longer serve us, can most certainly turn to a festering infection which will ultimately take our life.

Honoring his journey, holding space and his hand, letting him know that he is indeed loved allows him to walk his journey with dignity and support…all the way Home.


Saving Ourselves

The only way to save yourself is to change how you feel about yourself and how you think yourself to be.

A new job won’t do it.
A new relationship with another person won’t do it.
A new city won’t do it.
A new car, wardrobe, hair cut…nope, won’t do it.

Relationship with self…who we think we are or are not…changing that is what will do it. Changing that is what saves us. And, no one else can do it for you…only you. What are you waiting for?

A starting place…is awareness. Be aware of when you tell yourself you suck, you’re not enough, you can’t do blah blah, I’m not lovable…those voices in your head. They are not so little, seeing as they affect your entire world. Start there. Be aware. And when you catch yourself in those ideas ask yourself “Where or how did I learn that?” “Who taught me that?”

We were not born with those thoughts, we learned them…or created them based on how another responded to our Selfness. They are not yours…they are someone else’s. Give them back to whomever. Release them and draw yourself inwards…into your heart.

Deep into your heart through meditation, contemplation, silence…which you can do through dance, art, gardening, walking, sitting…go there. It is where you will find the Truth of who you are. The space where you recognize just how Divine you are. How much you are Love, as well as Loved.

Once recognized and remembered you begin to change your ideas of self…you save yourself. You begin to live that Truth. Make it your own. Own it. Live it. Be it. Share it.


Vulnerability…you know that spot don’t you? It’s the place within you where you hold and/or hide your fears. You know…the ones that say things like “I’m not enough” or “I’m not loveable”…your self-doubts and self-deprecation.

When you love and accept yourself…really Love and Accept who you truly are…that self-doubt and self-deprecation ceases. There is no longer the idea of “I’m not loveable” or “I’m not enough”. Hence…you are no longer vulnerable.

Spirit/Divine moves through each and every one of us…everyoneeverything. And, our individual personalities are created so that Spirit can express uniquely through each of us. It is not the same for any one person or thing. It is our uniqueness that allows us, beckons us, to experience Divine (Source/God/Spirit) in different ways, through different people, in different voices and creations.

Although the expressions are different, the presence of Divine is the same throughout. It is what connects us to each other…to everything. It is our One Truth, the one thing that is the same in all of us. How we express it is our path…our unique path…perfect to only you.

So, be yourself, your true and unique express. Don’t let anyone (including and especially yourself!) tell you that you are doing it wrong. There is no such thing as wrong. No one is wrong in their expression of Divine.

Shine on, express on…I want to see how you express our Oneness.

More on Cycles

So last night They woke me up to talk about cycles and pendulums (meaning the human vacillation from one thing/emotion to another). Here’s my remembrance:

All pendulum’s exist within a cycle (circle) and the swinging back and forth is just the human not allowing the pendulum (or their experience within the cycle) to go full circle…to complete the cycle. Both points of the ‘swing’ exist within the cycle…within all cycles there is yin and yang. It is when we judge/resist one point and move towards the other that the swing occurs…instead of learning/experiencing and allowing the swing to go full cycle. All cycle’s spiral upward, towards expansiveness. Pendulum’s do not. Pendulum’s are the ego’s effort to interrupt the cycle. All cycles contain perfect balance and health. An interrupted cycle results in disharmony and dis-ease.

Love, Always!

Cycles and Balance

All things exist within a cycle…it is within a cycle that All things exist.
It is within the cycle where there is balance.  All cycles are naturally balanced.
It is within the cycle where there is health.

When cycle is disrupted the balance is disrupted…illness occurs.

Resistance can disrupt a cycle. (Especially our breath cycle. We often hold our breath when we are in some form of resistance).

Cycles occur everywhere and there are too many different cycles to count…from the 26,000 year cycle to the simple cycle of the breath. Seasons, a human life, one day, one week, one year, astrological cycles. The list goes on and on and on.

I have been receiving downloads for several weeks now regarding cycles partly due to my resistance of some of them…like winter mainly. In order to facilitate my realization “They” asked me to list my resistances. I was quite surprised at how many I listed! Seems I am more resistant than I allowed myself to believe. No wonder I had a 3 day migraine! Lol

Balance is the current lesson here, for me, not just cycles. I needed to understand cycles though in order to understand balance.  So if I needed to put myself back into balance, I asked…So then where is the easiest and fastest way to balance?

The answer…”The breath and nature. THAT is where “life” truly is.”

I sat in my yard breathing simply and rhythmically. Nothing fancy, just allowing myself to breath. Staying focused, staying with my intention of just allowing my body to breathe.

As I moved with my breath I actually began to feel not only my body balance, but my brain. I could feel the migraine let loose. I spent most of the evening out there breathing. So simple. I remember someone saying recently that ‘we can only do what’s next.’ For me, it was breathing.