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Ok, we’re moving again. The next set of eclipses start on New Year’s Eve and end on January 15th. Once again we’re being shoved into realizing that the old way of fear no longer works and that it’s time to let go. It’s time to realize, experience, and live the Truth that we really Are.

Eclipses always bring a change and the first one falls in the sign of Cancer. Cancer rules the 4th house in astrology charts…and the 4th house represents our foundations. Our FOUNDATIONS! You know, the foundation you built your entire life on.

The second one falls in the sign of Capricorn…ruling new beginnings. This set is giving us the opportunity to examine the old and then step into the new.

Are you ready…well, ready or not we’re all going into that space. Those who resist will experience frustration, stress, illness and a sense of going in circles. Take those signs for what they are…that you are resisting. Resisting what? Resisting the fact that the fear based beliefs simply don’t work anymore and its time to change them. That the fear based beliefs that you built your entire life on…are FALSE…and absolutely useless.

I’m not telling you what to believe…simply that your belief system will be challenged from now until you make the realization that you have been tricked into believing something false. We are so much more than what we were led to believe. We are so much more than what we think. You can find your own Truth, but not by following someone else’s…by going within yourself and discovering and experiencing the Truth that lives there…within you…your own Truth.

We’re all moving through this together…all of humanity. Everyone is talking about it. Who do you believe? What road do you take? Who do you follow? Follow YOU. Live, experience and Be the Love that lives inside of you…not the fear that someone else taught you.

It’s time. And this is not going to stop until we all remember, live and Be the Truth of who we really Are.

What’s the Truth? You tell me. I’m not here to tell you what your Truth is…I am here to shove you into discovering it for yourself. Don’t follow someone else’s Truth…follow your own. Trust that your own Truth is perfect for you…and that it will provide you with everything you need to live this life fully.

We may not even realize that the beliefs you have are not your own…that they were given to you by someone else and you blindly trusted them. Begin to question them. Begin to use your own ability, inner senses and Soul to discover the Truth about who your really Are.

Once again…I promise that you will not be disappointed. This time is here for a reason. Take the opportunity to discover the Truth about who you really are.

How do you do that? By going within. Close your eyes and breathe. Focus on your breath. Using your internal senses, not your mind, follow and feel your own breath in your own body. Relax your muscles, one by one, to the state of total relaxation. This relaxation allows your energy to flow through your body unobstructed. That energy is you…it’s what you are made of…and it carries all of the glory, power, divinity, information, expansion of this entire Universe…of EVERYTHING…of ALL.

Keep breathing and relaxing. It’s during the relaxation when the insight comes through. It might not be a profound Ah Ha moment each and every time (or maybe it is), but I promise that you will experience the peace that lives within you every time.

From that space…peace and Love…you are free to make a different choice. You experience the peace and Love that live inside of you…that IS you. You don’t have to do anything to create it…it’s already there and always will be. All you have to do is allow your muscles to relax enough for you to experience it. In that experience you are free to choose something other than fear, and that, my friend is when your world changes…from the inside out.

We’re all going through this. You are not alone. If you are confused about why something is happening in your world…this is why…right here. This is the time to understand it, let it go, and choose differently.

So, knowing that your world is changing for a reason, and that it is time to let go, hopefully you will have the courage to let go gracefully and step into the Truth fully.


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Can you feel it? It’s coming. Undoubtedly, it’s coming! It is not a question of ‘Is it coming?’…it’s a question of ‘Are you ready’?

Look around, every prophet, seer, astrologer, lightworker, intuitive, etc. is (and has been) notifying us…IT’S COMING. What is coming you ask? The Shift. Yes, the Shift. I laugh as I’m reminded of the phrase “shift happens”…oh how true it is in this case. Shift definitely happens.

Even science is on board this time. Not only will this shift be physical, but it will most definitely be spiritual as well.

So, we KNOW it’s coming. We also know that the best way to move through these changes is from the space of Center, the space of the Soul, the space of God. So…how many of us know how to get to that space? How many of us know how to experience the God/Goddess/Universe/Soul that lives within us?

Personally, it changed my entire world…my entire existence…my relationship with myself…and everything else I touched…and that touched me. To me, it makes absolute sense that the space of the Soul (which is what I name it) is and will be my haven when this shift really gets rockin’. Hell (not heck), it was my haven when my world was freakin’ falling apart on me years ago. It was the space that reminded me that I Am. I Am! All that Is, All that Isn’t and Everything in between. EVERYTHING!

As we raise our vibration out of fear into a state of Love, we connect with the 5th dimension (where I personally think the Maya are) easily, gracefully and fully. It’s where we remember our Truth. It’s where we remember that we are absolutely, positively, ONE with everything, everyone…ALL. Yup…ALL…the guy who bugs you at work, the woman who bugs you at school, the jackass down the street, the sweet woman who delivers your mail…the grass that grows, the trees that give us shade, the mountains where we hike. EVERYTHING.

And in that Oneness we are not limited…not one iota…not even a little…not even as humans. Limitation is a learned expression and belief. It’s what keeps us from even trying to communicate or connect with the space of the Soul, the God within. If we think we can’t, or we’re not worthy (which is what we’ve been taught) then we don’t even try. What’s the sense?

I’ll tell you what the sense is…what we’ve been taught is all a lie. Yup…ALL of it. So the sense of it is…that what you’re keeping yourself from IS Yourself. You in all your glory, all of your power, your beauty, your Love, your joy, your magnificence, your Being. And I’ll remind you again…your Being is not limited in any way, shape or form.

So, I’ll ask again…can you feel it? Can you sense the changes underfoot? They’re there. All you have to do is pull yourself out of your ego, out of your ‘fix it’ mode, and pay attention. Listen…to the Earth. Listen…to your Soul. Can you hear it?

If you can’t…the things that are keeping you away from it (your Soul) are the things that will help you expand the most. Your issues, your problems, your challenges are exactly what will get you to your Soul. Pushing past them will help you to see them as lies, as shadows, and lead the way directly into your Truth!

Don’t be afraid of your issues. Don’t push them aside. Ignoring them only makes them stronger. So you’re afraid…so what! Acknowledge it and move forward anyway. Never honor fear…EVER. It leaves you with nothing…absolutely nothing…empty-handed, sad, alone, depressed, wanting, crying, sick. OK, so maybe it does leave you with something, but hell if I want those things!

It’s time to go within! Yup…I’ll say it again…even if ya’ll are getting tired of hearing me say that…it’s time to go within! With everything to gain…and I do mean EVERYTHING…and nothing to lose (except fear) why would you not want to?

It’s coming…actually its here…we’re just smack in the middle of it. And if you can’t see it it’s because you are ignoring it…hoping that things will go back to ‘normal’. Guess what…they will never go back to ‘normal’…THANK GOD!

Are you ready? Are you willing to play with an open heart…full of Light and Love…and everything else? I am. Now, let’s go play. And honestly, if you don’t know how to go within…call me (www.thereisonlylove.com). I learned through my teacher, Archangel Michael…and now I teach others what he taught me.

Now it’s time for dinner. : )

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Yes, you CAN! Yes you CAN!

Your ego might not know how at the moment, but your Soul sure does. Give the moment up to your Soul and trust that what ever you do need to ‘do’ will present itself perfectly.

The need to manipulate our world, our situations, our lives in order to make it look, feel and smell like we’ve been taught it’s supposed to look like comes from someone outside of ourselves. That someone is our parents, their parents, their parents before them. It comes from society, clergy, and what we would humorously consider authority figures. I say humorously because I laugh when I think of ‘them’ as being in authority. Only you are the authority when it comes to yourself and your life.

Anyway…yes, you CAN! Trust in the fact that your Soul knows exactly what you need, when you need it, and how you need it. Take a deep breath and simply enjoy the space that you are in. Yes, you do have to pay your bills…you know, the ones that you knowingly accumulated. But Trust your Soul to bring you the most perfect way to accomplish that task…easily, joyfully and perfectly.

Trick is, when the Soul presents us with the opportunity we have a tendency to judge the situation. “Oh, I would love to be able to do that…but I can’t make enough money doing that.” Once again we move into the belief that what our parents (and all the other ‘they’s’ out there) have taught us is the only way, is the correct way, is the “right” way. Hog wash. Our Soul knows what’s best for us. Trust it. Does that mean you don’t pay your bills? No. That means Trust the Soul to bring to you the best opportunity for you to live and express your Soul’s purpose, and simultaneously create the abundance to ‘pay your bills’.

We spend so much time trying to manipulate the outer world in order to make the inner self feel better. Guess what? It doesn’t work! But you already know that.

You have nothing to ‘fix’ on the outside. You need only to remember who you Are on the inside.

Do you feel all those aches and pains in your body? That’s your body telling you that you are fighting against your Self,  your Soul. Yup…that’s you fighting, resisting, and believing in something other than your Soul, your Creator.

Repeat after me…This is My world, and I Am the Creator.
Good…now keep saying it…and believe it. Affirmations don’t work if underneath them you still believe otherwise.
So, this time, say it with feeling…pretend that it’s true…imagine that it’s true…what would it feel like inside your body.
Go ahead…nice deep breath, close your eyes, ready…

Light and Love,

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Our vision can be so limited. We can have the tendency for our focus to be only one sided. And it goes even deeper than simply being one sided…its tunnel vision. We are trained this way, as children. All of us…OK, most of us.

 The scope of our vision, and even our belief system, is to include only what you can visually see with our physical eyes. I’m learning, more and more every moment, that there is so much more to see. There is another vision. There is more ‘out there’ than what we can see with our eyes.

I was handed a message during on of my sessions that says it all; ”Everything you see with your physical eyes is not the Truth.” Everything. Yup, everything.

So then, what lies beyond our physical vision? That’s the key isn’t it? Hence, the title of this discussion…exploring the full extent of the vision.

Back to childhood…we are trained to use our eyes to determine Truth. If you can’t see it, touch it, feel it, it’s not real. Oh how I’ve learned that this is not complete. And actually, what I’ve learned, through personal experience, is just the opposite. The Truth to who and what we Are lies within our Soul. It’s in that space that we can’t see with our physical eyes. But we sure can connect with it, feel it with our inner senses, and definitely touch it through our hearts.

And it’s in that space where we find the subtle energies and reasons to why situations happen the way they do. It’s here where we discover that we Are so much more than we have been trained to think we are.

So, how do we explore the full extent of our vision? How do we learn to go beyond what our physical eyes are showing us? First, by acknowledging that there is more. Yeah, we may not know what that ‘more’ is at the moment, but just the awareness that there is more to what we see enables us to open the door to look beyond our physical vision.

Second, by centering in your own Soul. Take the time to change the old habits of behavior. Almost everything we do is by default. We have the same routine in the morning, we drive the same routes, we dress the same, we respond the same, we think the same thoughts day in and day out. Take a moment to first ask yourself why you behave or react the next time a situation arises. From there take a nice deep breath and settle into your Soul. Ask it, “What am I not seeing?” or “How do I really want to be in this situation?” You’ll be surprised at what you discover.

If you are meditating or centering yourself on a regular basis, this technique can come very easy for you. Of course you actually have to practice it in order to get results. If you are not centering yourself, or spending time within your Soul during the day, personally I highly suggest it. In my experience it has made all the difference in my world.

Exploring the full extent of the vision gives a whole new meaning to what’s really going on outside of us. I’m reminded again and again in my own meditations that there is another way. We have a tendency to think that there is only one way to get through a situation. That’s not true. There is always another way. Choose to see it. Choose to move out of the fear that locks you into seeing only one option. Your Soul knows exactly how to deal with it, providing a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Ah yes, there really is something more out there…have fun exploring!

Light and Love,

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Good Evening!
OK, I play in the ‘unseen’ all day. I’ve been doing it far too many years to even count, but when I realized what this set of eclipses meant for humanity I was floored. I know that eclipses bring a change, but this set is so much more. This set gives us the unequivocal ability to peek into that space where everything Is. EVERYTHING! The space that, simply, Is. Do you get it? Are you hearing me? Do you know how huge this is? This is absolutely critical for the evolution of humanity. This is where we get to choose Love (peace, joy, happiness, etc) or fear! Change!
Do you know how you feel when you’re trapped in a habit that you think you can’t change? Those days when you just sigh and say ‘ugh’. Those beliefs you think you have to deal with because you’re ‘human’? You know…when you just wish it wasn’t ‘like this!’ Well my friends NOW is the time you get to change all that. And yes…IT IS CHANGEABLE!
If I hear one more person say “You’re human, you can’t do that?” or “You’re only human.” I’m going to scream. Who taught you that humans are limited? No, really…who taught you? Someone outside of you right? And where did they learn it? So, have you ever even thought about asking your Soul what you are capable of? Have you ever even tried to get the information from the True Source? Or do you really think that the true source is someone else?
Here, let me tell you…the Truth lives only INSIDE of you…in your Soul! Your Truth will not look like anyone elses Truth either. Nobody knows what’s best for you…only you do. But, if you try to live your best life through someone elses idea of what that should look like…you’re going to be pretty miserable.
So, back to the eclipses (sorry, I do tend to get off track)…seeing into the dark, accessing all that information will absolutely change your belief system. Not only yours, but everyone’s! We live in such a false world it’s amazing! We never challenge the beliefs we hold, we simply settle for them and do the ‘best we can’ in order to be happy. Oh are we so falling short!  The Truth that lives in the Dark is going to rock your world. We are so backwards!
In order to fully utilize this opportunity we actually have to look. We can’t just sit on our butts and wait for it to show up in our outer world. Thankfully, it’s so very easy to access it! But, that means that we have to move away from the ego space, the old beliefs, our daily routines and habits, in order to raise our vibrations and become one with the information. That in itself can be a tough ride. Old habits are hard to break.
It takes constant awareness…and more specifically the desire or intention to make that shift. Can we do it? Absolutely! Will it be worth it? Absolutely! Will it take practice and vigilance? Absolutely. : ) I feel like a cheerleader again. LOL Thankfully I don’t have to wear that little skirt though, that might be a bit to scary!
The eclipse will give you the opportunity to tap into all that Is. I’ve said that before…but for each one of us it will give us the opportunity to see the ‘flip side’ of the beliefs that really tie us to mediocrity. The really deep core beliefs as well as the upper level hidden ones. Take time during the day to center yourself and raise your vibration. I’m tellin’ ya, you’re going to be amazed!
You may find yourself a bit scattered during this time, or find that there are more issues distracting you. Don’t let anything get in the way of moving deeper into the Soul. In that Soul space you will receive the guidance necessary to deal with what ever issues is standing in front of you. It can be hard to shift your reliance from the outer world to the inner, but believe me, it’s worth it and makes all the difference in the world. The hardest part about this whole event is staying focused!
Whether you are familiar with the world of the Spirit and play in it regulary, or just a curious Soul, the journey ahead of us ALL is of great relevance. Are you ready to explore and discover the Truth that lives within each of us? Are you ready to really take the reins and change your world!? Are you ready to change the rules about reality as you know it?
Big breath in, exhale, and…GO!
Ok…’nuff said for tonight. : ) Sweet dreams…I’ll see you all there!
Light and Love,

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