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Good Evening!
OK, I play in the ‘unseen’ all day. I’ve been doing it far too many years to even count, but when I realized what this set of eclipses meant for humanity I was floored. I know that eclipses bring a change, but this set is so much more. This set gives us the unequivocal ability to peek into that space where everything Is. EVERYTHING! The space that, simply, Is. Do you get it? Are you hearing me? Do you know how huge this is? This is absolutely critical for the evolution of humanity. This is where we get to choose Love (peace, joy, happiness, etc) or fear! Change!
Do you know how you feel when you’re trapped in a habit that you think you can’t change? Those days when you just sigh and say ‘ugh’. Those beliefs you think you have to deal with because you’re ‘human’? You know…when you just wish it wasn’t ‘like this!’ Well my friends NOW is the time you get to change all that. And yes…IT IS CHANGEABLE!
If I hear one more person say “You’re human, you can’t do that?” or “You’re only human.” I’m going to scream. Who taught you that humans are limited? No, really…who taught you? Someone outside of you right? And where did they learn it? So, have you ever even thought about asking your Soul what you are capable of? Have you ever even tried to get the information from the True Source? Or do you really think that the true source is someone else?
Here, let me tell you…the Truth lives only INSIDE of you…in your Soul! Your Truth will not look like anyone elses Truth either. Nobody knows what’s best for you…only you do. But, if you try to live your best life through someone elses idea of what that should look like…you’re going to be pretty miserable.
So, back to the eclipses (sorry, I do tend to get off track)…seeing into the dark, accessing all that information will absolutely change your belief system. Not only yours, but everyone’s! We live in such a false world it’s amazing! We never challenge the beliefs we hold, we simply settle for them and do the ‘best we can’ in order to be happy. Oh are we so falling short!  The Truth that lives in the Dark is going to rock your world. We are so backwards!
In order to fully utilize this opportunity we actually have to look. We can’t just sit on our butts and wait for it to show up in our outer world. Thankfully, it’s so very easy to access it! But, that means that we have to move away from the ego space, the old beliefs, our daily routines and habits, in order to raise our vibrations and become one with the information. That in itself can be a tough ride. Old habits are hard to break.
It takes constant awareness…and more specifically the desire or intention to make that shift. Can we do it? Absolutely! Will it be worth it? Absolutely! Will it take practice and vigilance? Absolutely. : ) I feel like a cheerleader again. LOL Thankfully I don’t have to wear that little skirt though, that might be a bit to scary!
The eclipse will give you the opportunity to tap into all that Is. I’ve said that before…but for each one of us it will give us the opportunity to see the ‘flip side’ of the beliefs that really tie us to mediocrity. The really deep core beliefs as well as the upper level hidden ones. Take time during the day to center yourself and raise your vibration. I’m tellin’ ya, you’re going to be amazed!
You may find yourself a bit scattered during this time, or find that there are more issues distracting you. Don’t let anything get in the way of moving deeper into the Soul. In that Soul space you will receive the guidance necessary to deal with what ever issues is standing in front of you. It can be hard to shift your reliance from the outer world to the inner, but believe me, it’s worth it and makes all the difference in the world. The hardest part about this whole event is staying focused!
Whether you are familiar with the world of the Spirit and play in it regulary, or just a curious Soul, the journey ahead of us ALL is of great relevance. Are you ready to explore and discover the Truth that lives within each of us? Are you ready to really take the reins and change your world!? Are you ready to change the rules about reality as you know it?
Big breath in, exhale, and…GO!
Ok…’nuff said for tonight. : ) Sweet dreams…I’ll see you all there!
Light and Love,

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