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So last night They woke me up to talk about cycles and pendulums (meaning the human vacillation from one thing/emotion to another). Here’s my remembrance:

All pendulum’s exist within a cycle (circle) and the swinging back and forth is just the human not allowing the pendulum (or their experience within the cycle) to go full circle…to complete the cycle. Both points of the ‘swing’ exist within the cycle…within all cycles there is yin and yang. It is when we judge/resist one point and move towards the other that the swing occurs…instead of learning/experiencing and allowing the swing to go full cycle. All cycle’s spiral upward, towards expansiveness. Pendulum’s do not. Pendulum’s are the ego’s effort to interrupt the cycle. All cycles contain perfect balance and health. An interrupted cycle results in disharmony and dis-ease.

Love, Always!

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wings9   My Angels are pushing me again, so I happily oblige and share another excerpt from the book. This book is not mine, even though it has my name as author. The book belongs to Archangel Michael, for he is the one who wrote it…he just used me and my computer.

Again, Archangel Michael’s words are Italicized, mine are regular type. If you get stuck on the wordage of God, please feel free to insert what ever word, sound, feeling or phrase that fits your description of All That Is. Enjoy.

All space is sacred and blessed. Some points in your linear world may hold stronger energy, but all space is blessed. All space, every space, is sacred. Even when you think a heinous act is being committed, that space is also sacred. While you see ugliness, there is actually beauty there. See the beauty. See the cycle, see the Love. Do not cry for those who choose to move on. Do not cry, celebrate. Know also that you too will follow. You always do, you always will. Do not get caught up in this world of duality. Do not get caught up in this world of material possessions. They are meager. They are non-existent. There is only Love. Do not compete, for no person is better than the other. You are all the same. Come from your heart, come from your soul. There is where you are ‘safe’.

All flows through me, I flow through All.

Those things that distract you let them flow through you as well. Do not give them any attention. Let your attention stay in the light. The distraction will flow through you quickly, as long as you do not block it by focusing on it. If you must focus on it, see it for the Love that it is, nothing more. For every moment is beautiful. Every moment is filled with Love. If you do not block the energy the first time around you will see that it carries Love. When it becomes blocked and you begin to fight it that is when you can no longer see it as Love. You begin to see it as a burden; you begin to fear the change that it might bring. Do not resist. Let the energy flow. Let the Love flow. Maybe if you can see it as Love you would not resist it so much. Enjoy your day, enjoy your life, and enjoy your experience.

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I have been called to action…again. It seems that perhaps I have been working too diligently in my own journey and have forgotten one of my agreements. A very long time ago, what seems perhaps an entirely different lifetime, I dedicated my days to working solely (or perhaps that should read Soul-ly) with Archangel Michael. He graciously helped me to open my heart and remember and experience my True Nature…Love. From those conversations and experiences I wrote a book. It was always his request, his knowing, that I share that information. I agreed. The book was written and self published. Those who needed to find it did. Yesterday I found that book again. It has been many years since I picked it up, and I was surprised, thrilled and deeply touch to find that the messages are still profound and absolutely relevant in my own life. It was then that Archangel Micheal reminded me that I agreed to share this. This time, I share it through the internet, perhaps just one message at a time, but I will share it none-the-less because…it is time and I said “Yes”.

When I opened the book yesterday I happened upon Chapter 4…so, that is where we start today. Again, these are writings of my conversation with Archangel Michael. My comments are in regular text, Archangel Michael’s are in italics. Where ever you find the word God, Universe, Spirit, One, Goddess… please insert which ever name you have given to your Source.

Why do we limit ourselves?

Good question. Because that is what you are taught from others, those who don’t know any better or any different because that is what they were taught. Those who wished, from the beginning of your time, to control others. They wanted to control out of fear. They did not understand, and to this day their legacy lives on. Their fears live on. They have passed them down through the generations. You can stop that. You can change that not only for yourself, but also for others. Do not perpetuate the fear any longer. Do not perpetuate the lies. Know your True Self. Know that you are sacred, that you are beautiful and perfect in all that you do. Know that all of your needs are being met, constantly, through Love, through the Love of Source. It is you who turns them away. It is you who does not believe. It is you who can change that, and only you. If you believe in your heart that fear exists, so shall it be. You will then create those things that you fear. If you believe in your heart that there is Love, then so it shall be. You will create those things you so Love. Love of the Soul is different than love of the mind. Unconditional Love or Love of the Soul is where You are from. Open your heart and see the Love within yourself. Feel it deeply. Share it with others. Do not fear the unknown. Live for today. Breathe right now. Source will provide. It always has, and It always will.

Nothing is unbelievable. Believe in everything, especially yourself. Believe that Spirit is with you, in you, Loves you all the time. There is never a time when Spirit does not Love you. When I say you, I mean all of you, everyone, one and all alike. Believe that you are so much more. Believe that within you, you hold the key to all the wisdom, all the knowledge, and all the answers. You hold the key to life, to Love, to creation and everything that goes with it. Trust your heart. Love yourself as Spirit Loves you…perfectly. You are perfect in all that you do…ALL that you do. There is never a time when you are not perfect. There is never a time when you are not Loved. There is never a time when you are not connected to Spirit, to the One. Feel it. Every day. Every moment. With every breath. Share this. Your passion lies within this. Believe it.

We are born of Love, we are created of Love…and that never changes within us. We may forget sometimes, or perhaps most times, but what we are created of never changes…not even a little. We have been taught that our outer world is more important, it is where meaning and happiness lies. This is not the truth. I think that most of us, by now, have come to realize that our outer world is NOT where meaning exists…it is NOT where happiness is. Now is the time we may be asking ourselves…if not out there, then where? There is only one place where some of you may not have looked yet…within.

Phooey! I hear you say. Phooey indeed! You are no longer satisfied and happy with your outer achievements…so go within, what do you have to lose.

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There is no such thing as ‘outside’ of you. That is the illusion.

This simple idea that there is an inside and an outside (which by the way would be duality) is an illusion.

You are everything…I do mean everything. And ‘everything’ resides ‘within’. Within being a word construed of duality. But where do I find a word that describes what simply is…not within, not without…just simply All, part of the whole, conclusive, contained.

Ha! That’s a great word…contained…yet still indicates duality.

I guess you have to just experience it to understand because I really don’t have any words for it.

We hear people, scholars, quantum physicist, gurus, and etc talk about the fact that this world is an illusion. They talk about the fact that even the things that we think are solid really aren’t. Like the chair you are sitting on, or the floor you are standing on. It’s all a trick of the eye, of the mind. That there is space between the atoms and molecules and all that fun stuff…yet it seems to be solid when in fact it isn’t. Well it goes much deeper than that. It’s not that the items that seem to be outside of our physical body are the illusion…it’s the whole idea that there’s even an outside that is fake, false, illusion.

We are all already part of everything…everything. Nothing, no thing, left ‘out’.

There is no ‘outside’.

Oh tell me that doesn’t make for a much more interesting, intriguing, fun filled day!

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I had a session with a client the other day and a message around ‘judgment’ came through that was so simply elegant and profound that I had to share it. The message that came through stated simply:

“Who are we to look at the nose on our face and think ’It’s too big, it’s ugly!’? Who are we to look at a gift that God gave us and see it as something other than perfect?”

The nose was used simply as an example. And in the same breath…

“Who are we to look at someone else’s nose and deem it ugly or wrong? Who are we to see a gift that God gave to someone else and judge it as something other than perfect?”

Why the need to judge at all…ourselves or someone else? Because, we’re taught as children that there is a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way. We’re taught what is ‘pretty’ and what is ‘ugly’. Who are we to say that ANYTHING on this Earth is something other than perfect? Ask yourself who taught you what beauty is. Ask yourself who taught you what ugly is. Ask yourself why you choose to believe them…and ask yourself why you continue to choose from that belief.

We are all unique, individual expressions of God. (And I italicize that word because we all have a different word for It…choose your own.) God expresses uniquely through each and every one of us. How can we possibly think, for one moment, that we are something other than perfect? And when you see the perfection and Love within yourself…you’ll see it in everyone and everything else automatically.

Leave your judgments behind…of yourself, of others, of life, of death. Live fully who you Are, who you Truly want to Be…and the life you want to live. Don’t worry about other people’s judgments. Live your life…not theirs. Live your Love. Live your Passion. 

Right now, in this moment, close your eyes, take a nice deep cleansing breath, and place a smiley face in each and every one of the cells throughout your body. Your whole body…all of your cells…all the way from your head to your toes.

Tell me…did it put a smile on your face?

How do you want to be right now? Frustrated, angry, sad, happy, Loving…it’s your choice. Put some smiley faces in your cells…

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Light and Dark

Duality is a funny thing. Creeps up everywhere!

So, if we know that our idea, our definition, our belief, about the dark is incomplete…HIGHLY incomplete to be more accurate…then our idea, our definition, our belief about the light is also incomplete!

Oh how very interesting indeed. If our incomplete belief limits us from experiencing the Truth, the depth and the totality of what these 2 ideas are…can you imagine what we could experience if we let those limiting beliefs go!?

Knowing that there’s more to the dark than the idea of ‘evil’ brings an amazingly expansive experience in that space. AND, knowing that there’s more to the light than the idea of ‘love’ brings an amazingly expansive experience in that space as well!!

In THAT space the 2 connect and become ONE. Yup…ONE. Look at that! Light and dark are ONE. Being in either space independently signals that we are in the belief of duality. Duality signals that we are in the belief of separation. Letting go of the idea of what light is, and of what dark is, brings us to one very specific experience…ONENESS.

I swear…this is just the coolest stuff! Our idea of both light and dark are incomplete and limited. Setting them both aside allows us to experience Oneness. And if we can’t set aside our idea of light because we think that means we succumb to the dark…that my friends is called fear. And fear is duality, and duality is separation.


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Judgment. It’s amazing how often we judge. Maybe it’s better said…it’s amazing how often we don’t. We very rarely step outside of judgment into a space of Trust, or allowing. I’ve been practicing too! Keeping my eyes and senses open for when I do step into the arena with judgment.

Well, I got a good dose of awareness the other day. During a session with a friend a ‘little Being’ came in. This sweet little thing wanted to share some information with us. When I let my friend know that this Being was there and wanted to share, my friend’s response was “is it for my highest good?” He may have said greatest good, I can’t remember exactly. Anyway…the Being looked at me with the funniest, most crocked face and said “What the hell does that mean?” I almost had to laugh. He (I call it a he only because its energy had a masculine feel) was just too cute. He had no idea what my friend meant by that statement…none at all. My friend tried to explain to him what he meant by highest good. He used all the right words, descriptions and identifiers, but the Being just wasn’t getting it.

Do you know why? He wasn’t getting it because where he came from he doesn’t know highest from lowest, greatest from worst. And do you know why? Because where he comes from there is no such thing as polarity…no judgment. He simply had information.

At first it didn’t hit me. I mean I understood what he was saying and I laughed right along with him. He truly had no concept of highest vs. lowest good…or bad. After sitting in his energy for a bit and communicating with him it hit me. Even in our most expansive, spiritual, Divine, open ideas we still judge. If something is ‘good’, then there must be a bad right? If something is for our highest good, then there must be our lowest? Right?

Well, only in our heads. There is no such thing as highest good! It all simply IS. It’s only good or bad in our own minds, in our own judgment, in our own thoughts. Even our idea of spirituality is one big judgment. Certainly if something isn’t deemed spiritual than it’s removed from the ‘spiritual box’ or that idea. And if something is deemed spiritual than well it must be alright and we include it. We’ve taken Oneness…or what ever you want to call it…and compartmentalized it. In ‘identifying’ or giving spirituality a description or specifics, we have just separated it from Oneness. HAHAHAHA

I thought that was the funniest thing! We dive into spirituality in order to journey inward, toward ourselves, toward our creator if you will, and what we dive into is simply shoving us back into polarity, duality…judgment! Hahahahaha

There is no such thing as highest good! There is no such thing as lowest good! It all simply IS. Period! What we do with it is what matters. I can see so clearly that we have compartmentalized, polarized, dualized (is that a word? Spell check says no) and basically judged every aspect of our lives. The moment we judge something…right, wrong…good, bad…more, less…we bring it into the arena of polarity. And what is polarity but separation. We live our entire lives in the space of separation…being separate from our creator, this universe, EACH OTHER!

Just because we live in a place that is polar, or lives through polarity (because this physical world is polar), doesn’t mean that we are polar! It doesn’t mean that we are good or bad, right or wrong, more or less! It doesn’t mean that we have to be good in order not to be bad. It doesn’t mean we have to be right in order not to be wrong. It simply means that in order for the physical things in this world to exist polarity needs to exist. We are not physical. We inhabit physical bodies, but we are not physical. We are not polar/dualistic…we simply Are everything…not either or.

Remember…the moment we buy into something we instantly become a ‘victim’ of it.

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