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How’s everyone doing with the eclipses? Better yet, how are you doing…period? Are you feeling like you’re being squeezed…or are you riding the wave joyously to the next cycle? It’s been a trip, that’s for sure. So many belief systems are being blown out of the water! YAHOO!

It might not always be an easy journey, but that’s because we are resisting. For soooo long we have been conditioned to a very specific set of beliefs and ideas about ourselves and the world in general. We’ve been choosing these old beliefs for sooo long that we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

I’m having soooo much fun discovering where those old beliefs are…and what they are…and then blowing them up. Sometimes it’s even frustrating for me though…but then I remember that as long as I stop resisting then everything…and I do mean everything…runs smoothly and fabulously!

Currently I’ve set out to shift the conditioned belief of lack. Oh, I know that this multiverse if absolutely unlimited. It replenishes itself constantly. I’ve been noticing that when I move into that space, or belief, of replenishment that the dog food bin never runs out. I have to laugh. It reminds me that for soooo long (do you like my ‘soooo’) I’ve always believed that it was supposed to deplete as I used it, and then we just go buy more. Says who? That’s something I was taught to believe by someone who also had that belief. Well, I don’t want to belief in lack anymore.

And since that belief is standing in front of me I’m noticing that it’s not just about a depleting dog food bin…it’s about how often I choose from that old belief…when I’m using shampoo, mustard, cat food, toilet paper, gasoline, money, etc. It’s about the very mundane things that we use in our every day life that we continue to impart the belief of depletion upon them! See, we don’t even realize we’re doing it!

Oh this is just fascinating. What would happen in the world if we all choose to believe in and experience the replenishing aspect of who we really Are? Then money would seriously hold absolutely NO power what so ever. That really makes me giggle inside. How freely we could enjoy our experience here on this planet, simply enjoy it! What a novel concept! LOL

Who taught us that we are here (on this planet) to ‘learn’ something? Seriously! Some human had the thought that we must be here learning something and other humans decided to believe that! Oh we are so gullible when we seek answers outside of ourselves. We are not here to ‘learn’ anything. We already ‘know’ everything. We’re here simply to experience all that we already Are in this physical realm. Period, end of story.

We trap ourselves in such chaos and frustration by choosing to partake in a different belief…when we choose to listen to someone else’s idea of what the heck this world is all about and how we’re supposed to live in it. Garbage I tell ya…just garbage.

Move into the “I Can” believe…leave the ‘how’ to your Soul…it’s more equipped to handle it than your mind is. Simply stay in the “I Can” space and watch the doors fly open. They might not look like what you expect, but then again, what you expect was given to you by someone else…not your Soul. Go with the unexpected…believe in yourself. You have no idea what you are capable of until you take that journey inward and see for yourself. What you find there is simply amazing, simply beautiful, simply everything.

Take the ride and let me know what you find…for we each find something different. How exciting is that!?

In Love,

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Ok, we’re moving again. The next set of eclipses start on New Year’s Eve and end on January 15th. Once again we’re being shoved into realizing that the old way of fear no longer works and that it’s time to let go. It’s time to realize, experience, and live the Truth that we really Are.

Eclipses always bring a change and the first one falls in the sign of Cancer. Cancer rules the 4th house in astrology charts…and the 4th house represents our foundations. Our FOUNDATIONS! You know, the foundation you built your entire life on.

The second one falls in the sign of Capricorn…ruling new beginnings. This set is giving us the opportunity to examine the old and then step into the new.

Are you ready…well, ready or not we’re all going into that space. Those who resist will experience frustration, stress, illness and a sense of going in circles. Take those signs for what they are…that you are resisting. Resisting what? Resisting the fact that the fear based beliefs simply don’t work anymore and its time to change them. That the fear based beliefs that you built your entire life on…are FALSE…and absolutely useless.

I’m not telling you what to believe…simply that your belief system will be challenged from now until you make the realization that you have been tricked into believing something false. We are so much more than what we were led to believe. We are so much more than what we think. You can find your own Truth, but not by following someone else’s…by going within yourself and discovering and experiencing the Truth that lives there…within you…your own Truth.

We’re all moving through this together…all of humanity. Everyone is talking about it. Who do you believe? What road do you take? Who do you follow? Follow YOU. Live, experience and Be the Love that lives inside of you…not the fear that someone else taught you.

It’s time. And this is not going to stop until we all remember, live and Be the Truth of who we really Are.

What’s the Truth? You tell me. I’m not here to tell you what your Truth is…I am here to shove you into discovering it for yourself. Don’t follow someone else’s Truth…follow your own. Trust that your own Truth is perfect for you…and that it will provide you with everything you need to live this life fully.

We may not even realize that the beliefs you have are not your own…that they were given to you by someone else and you blindly trusted them. Begin to question them. Begin to use your own ability, inner senses and Soul to discover the Truth about who your really Are.

Once again…I promise that you will not be disappointed. This time is here for a reason. Take the opportunity to discover the Truth about who you really are.

How do you do that? By going within. Close your eyes and breathe. Focus on your breath. Using your internal senses, not your mind, follow and feel your own breath in your own body. Relax your muscles, one by one, to the state of total relaxation. This relaxation allows your energy to flow through your body unobstructed. That energy is you…it’s what you are made of…and it carries all of the glory, power, divinity, information, expansion of this entire Universe…of EVERYTHING…of ALL.

Keep breathing and relaxing. It’s during the relaxation when the insight comes through. It might not be a profound Ah Ha moment each and every time (or maybe it is), but I promise that you will experience the peace that lives within you every time.

From that space…peace and Love…you are free to make a different choice. You experience the peace and Love that live inside of you…that IS you. You don’t have to do anything to create it…it’s already there and always will be. All you have to do is allow your muscles to relax enough for you to experience it. In that experience you are free to choose something other than fear, and that, my friend is when your world changes…from the inside out.

We’re all going through this. You are not alone. If you are confused about why something is happening in your world…this is why…right here. This is the time to understand it, let it go, and choose differently.

So, knowing that your world is changing for a reason, and that it is time to let go, hopefully you will have the courage to let go gracefully and step into the Truth fully.

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Are you still feeling the effects of the 3 eclipses?

Have you noticed yet the opportunities to see deeper into yourself? I mean those opportunities are always there, but the vibration the eclipses brought are really bring our junk to the surface. Are you using those opportunities to understand yourself a bit better?

Seems lately more and more people are looking at their fears. They are noticing how those fears affect their entire lives, not just a portion of their life. One fear, one belief, influences every single choice we make. It only takes one fear to take our life from fab to mediocre. The question is will we make the choice to release that fear and choose something different?

Our Soul gives us the opportunity every moment to shift that fear. We give ourselves the chance to see exactly what we are doing and how to change it several times throughout the day. Sometimes the problem is that we’ve been choosing through the fear for so long that we no longer recognize when we are receiving the signals that we’re doing it.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you. How do you feel? What is happening in front of you? Do you find yourself frustrated, angry, defensive, shut down…yet again? Do you find yourself looking at the same issues…yet again? Those right there, they are your cues. They are your signs to stop what you are doing and breathe.

When you find yourself in a state of flux…and your body will absolutely let you know…stop and ask yourself why you are choosing to respond that particular way to the situation. If you are honest with yourself you will discover that there is a very old ‘less-than’ belief about yourself deep within your mind. It is that belief that drives the reaction, the response, the choice.

By stopping and looking at it, by becoming aware of it, you have the opportunity to choose a different response, a different expression, a different choice. A different expression…one that resonates with who you Truly are, instead of one that shows only a part of your Truth and all of your fear.

Have you ever noticed that the moment you doubt yourself you step into the situation only part way? Part way indicates that you are not expressing yourself fully. Part way indicates mediocre. Mediocre indicates you are not living a full life. Mediocre means that instead of choosing to express yourself 100%, you are CHOOSING to only express through your fear.

Have you ever been doing something and you feel like you’re on cloud 9? You have no doubts about what you are doing, how you are doing it…you simply are having fun and this is blissful? That is you expressing at 100%. Now, imagine being like that every moment of your life. Imagine living that bliss…that happiness…that joy…ALL of the time.

How do you do it? By CHOOSING to express YOURSELF 100%…all of the time. If your life is feeling mediocre…whether you want to accept that it is or not…than you are CHOOSING to express your fears…instead of your True self.

Remember, nobody else can make you choose, whether you are choosing mediocre or something else. Only you can make your choices. There is nobody else that drives your choices. ONLY YOU. Take the opportunity today, right now, to move out of the fear that ‘you can’t’, ‘I’m wrong’ or any other excuse you can find…and shift into Love. Shift into Life. Shift into YOU…the True you. Personally, I think mediocre sucks and I’m not choosing it anymore.

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Good Evening!
OK, I play in the ‘unseen’ all day. I’ve been doing it far too many years to even count, but when I realized what this set of eclipses meant for humanity I was floored. I know that eclipses bring a change, but this set is so much more. This set gives us the unequivocal ability to peek into that space where everything Is. EVERYTHING! The space that, simply, Is. Do you get it? Are you hearing me? Do you know how huge this is? This is absolutely critical for the evolution of humanity. This is where we get to choose Love (peace, joy, happiness, etc) or fear! Change!
Do you know how you feel when you’re trapped in a habit that you think you can’t change? Those days when you just sigh and say ‘ugh’. Those beliefs you think you have to deal with because you’re ‘human’? You know…when you just wish it wasn’t ‘like this!’ Well my friends NOW is the time you get to change all that. And yes…IT IS CHANGEABLE!
If I hear one more person say “You’re human, you can’t do that?” or “You’re only human.” I’m going to scream. Who taught you that humans are limited? No, really…who taught you? Someone outside of you right? And where did they learn it? So, have you ever even thought about asking your Soul what you are capable of? Have you ever even tried to get the information from the True Source? Or do you really think that the true source is someone else?
Here, let me tell you…the Truth lives only INSIDE of you…in your Soul! Your Truth will not look like anyone elses Truth either. Nobody knows what’s best for you…only you do. But, if you try to live your best life through someone elses idea of what that should look like…you’re going to be pretty miserable.
So, back to the eclipses (sorry, I do tend to get off track)…seeing into the dark, accessing all that information will absolutely change your belief system. Not only yours, but everyone’s! We live in such a false world it’s amazing! We never challenge the beliefs we hold, we simply settle for them and do the ‘best we can’ in order to be happy. Oh are we so falling short!  The Truth that lives in the Dark is going to rock your world. We are so backwards!
In order to fully utilize this opportunity we actually have to look. We can’t just sit on our butts and wait for it to show up in our outer world. Thankfully, it’s so very easy to access it! But, that means that we have to move away from the ego space, the old beliefs, our daily routines and habits, in order to raise our vibrations and become one with the information. That in itself can be a tough ride. Old habits are hard to break.
It takes constant awareness…and more specifically the desire or intention to make that shift. Can we do it? Absolutely! Will it be worth it? Absolutely! Will it take practice and vigilance? Absolutely. : ) I feel like a cheerleader again. LOL Thankfully I don’t have to wear that little skirt though, that might be a bit to scary!
The eclipse will give you the opportunity to tap into all that Is. I’ve said that before…but for each one of us it will give us the opportunity to see the ‘flip side’ of the beliefs that really tie us to mediocrity. The really deep core beliefs as well as the upper level hidden ones. Take time during the day to center yourself and raise your vibration. I’m tellin’ ya, you’re going to be amazed!
You may find yourself a bit scattered during this time, or find that there are more issues distracting you. Don’t let anything get in the way of moving deeper into the Soul. In that Soul space you will receive the guidance necessary to deal with what ever issues is standing in front of you. It can be hard to shift your reliance from the outer world to the inner, but believe me, it’s worth it and makes all the difference in the world. The hardest part about this whole event is staying focused!
Whether you are familiar with the world of the Spirit and play in it regulary, or just a curious Soul, the journey ahead of us ALL is of great relevance. Are you ready to explore and discover the Truth that lives within each of us? Are you ready to really take the reins and change your world!? Are you ready to change the rules about reality as you know it?
Big breath in, exhale, and…GO!
Ok…’nuff said for tonight. : ) Sweet dreams…I’ll see you all there!
Light and Love,

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Good Day Everyone!
My first time out blogging…thank you Matt for ‘hooking me up’!

We’ve waited a long time for this moment. (breathe) For years we have heard that  2012 will bring a change to our world. Yet all of those who were telling us that the change is coming could never explain what that change would look like. We’ve all had the same questions…”When will it begin?” “What will it look like?” “How will it effect me?”

Well, here we are and here we go. The triple eclipse that we’re about to experience this month, and part of next, is heralding in a very unique way to be able to view what’s to come.

Are you ready? Or maybe I should be asking “Are you willing?”
These eclipses will give all of us…and yes, I do mean ALL…the unique opportunity to peak into the dark space where all information, all knowledge, lives. Everything you ever wanted to know and didn’t know you wanted to know lives in that space. Everything lives in that space actually…for even the light was created in this dark space.

As children we are taught that darkness is a bad thing. Bad things happen in the dark. The word ‘darkness’ carries a negative connotation, yet it is not negative at all. The dark space these eclipses will afford us to peak into is what we were created in. It holds every bit of information about our True selves, this Universe, God and everything that Is.

So again I ask, are you ready…are you willing? Are you willing to let go of the fear based beliefs you carry and move into a higher vibrational world? Are you ready to challenge every one of your belief systems? Even the ones that are your core beliefs? Are you ready to move into a space of Love, Peace and Joy?

If you are, then here we go. The time is now. There is no more waiting. Your participation is up to you, and only you. The first eclipse occurs on July 7th. That eclipse will open the door to the Dark space. As we approach the second eclipse on July 21/22, the door opens wider. On the dated of the second eclipse the door is open at it’s widest. As we begin to move towards the date of the 3rd eclipse, Aug. 6th, that door begins to close. By the end of August this amazing opportunity will have moved off.

My consortium of angels, including Archangel Michael, has been downloading me with information on how to best participate in this opportunity…and what we can expect to experience. I’ve been hearing from many of you that you too are getting messages and downloads as well. Each one of us will experience something different, different information and ideas. Yet we all get to that space in the same way. It’s as easy as raising your vibration. The moment you raise your vibration the download begins.

Will you choose to take the time to raise your vibrations? Will you let go of the old fears that run our way of life? Will you take this opportunity to expand?

I’m off to a wedding now, but stay tuned for more information…it’s coming fast and furious. I will deliver it as fast as I receive it. And of course I love to hear how it’s effecting your world…what your seeing and feeling. The time is NOW. This is absolutely an incredible journey we are on…let’s go have some fun with it!

Light and Love,

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