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We can not fully experience life until we experience our Self fully.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the expansion. Imagine, better yet, the experience! We can only experience, outside of ourselves, that which we have experienced within ourselves.

Most people have only experienced a small portion of who they truly are. Some of us have experienced none of it, while others a great deal. If we only know ourselves on a superficial, egotistical level, that is all we will ever experience in our outer world. Personally, I call that MEDIOCRE. And the other phrase I use to describe that experience is…it sucks. Life sucks when we hide. And hiding is exactly what you are doing when you are living in the world of your ego…when you are living in the world of your own limiting, false beliefs about who and what you are (or aren’t).

Imagine experiencing a rich, full, sensual, expansive (and I do mean that in the largest sense), fulfilling, peaceful and loving world. I would tag that sentence with many more words trying to describe the feeling that lives inside of me as I touch it…but words just don’t do it justice. But, you know what I mean. Imagine living the life you can’t even imagine!

Imagine…knowing that it all lives inside of you, already. ALREADY. All you have to do is look at it…all you have to do is CHOOSE to look at it, to connect with it, to live it.

Unfortunately, most of us ‘hide’ who we are. Most of us think that what we are is ‘wrong’, ‘broken’, ‘inadequate’, ‘not enough’…so when it comes to interacting with others we hide behind a mask that covers those false beliefs. Hiding means that we dim our light…that we do not step into fully who we truly are. And if we are not stepping into fully who we are, we can not step into life fully.

Why do we hide? Why do we think that by being someone else we can be better? I’m here to remind you that you CAN’T. You are ALREADY the best, the brightest, the most Divine Being on this planet! You can not change that. You can not hinder that. You (or anyone else) can ever tarnish that.

Hiding doesn’t work, and really, you know this too. You’ve tried…but to no avail. However, you keep trying. Have you ever thought about trying something different? Have you ever thought about living life the way you really want to? Have you ever tried to express who you truly are, what you truly want to?

More than likely, you’ve thought about it but opted out…for fear of what someone else might think. Well, I’m here to encourage you to shine. Shine your light as far as you can. If someone can’t handle the brightness or the way you shine it…that’s there own problem. Shine. Shine. Shine.

I would LOVE to see your light. Show me what you’ve got bay-bee! Every single one of us is here to be different. We’re not here to be the same as everyone else. We all come from the same Oneness, but yet we are all expressing it differently. I want to see, I want to experience, how YOU express it.

Don’t hide…hiding makes life suck. Shining makes life awesome, inspiring, fun, fulfilling, loving, balanced, exciting…go ahead, I dare you…shine.


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