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Love is the answer…Love is always the answer. And if you haven’t felt the power of Love I invite you to settle into your Soul and experience the peace, joy and abundance it carries.  Love gives us the opportunity to see the situation from a different perspective and then make a choice from that space, instead of from the space of fear. That’s when the negative patterns end, and life begins.

Love is the answer. In the space of Love we are able to understand the subtle energies that underlie each and every situation. These subtle energies show us the why to everything. Everything happens for a reason. We may not know or understand the reason at the given moment, but we will, if we listen to our Soul.

Prayer is described as talking to God (or what ever you call that space), Meditation is described as listening to God. We can not hear if we are continually talking…whether it’s to God or someone else. We must be silent in order to hear.

Give yourself the opportunity to be silent. And I don’t mean that you need to sit in meditation for hours on end. In fact, you don’t have to sit at all. Meditation can be done anywhere, any time, for any length of time. Meditation, which to me is a taboo word, has old ideas attached to it for many people. Just the mere mention of meditation will shut people down and make them withdraw in a heart beat!  Why do we have such anxiety over something that is so calming? It’s the stigma that goes with the word. That’s it. Most people don’t even realize that they have been doing it for years…just not the way most of society portrays it.

Let’s shift the word from meditation to centering. Centering yourself in your Soul…because that is what we do when we are meditating. Centering is done each and every time you are ‘doing’ something you enjoy. It’s when you are doing something where your brain is not engaged. My mother does this when she is ironing. How fabulous is that!? Personally, I like to center when I am hiking in the mountains. It comes naturally in that space. My brain is not at all engaged and the beauty of nature aligns and balances my body naturally. What are some of the things you like to do that put that natural smile on your face? Gardening? Cooking (another favorite of mine)? Photography? Music? Art? How about something like bowling, fishing, jogging, riding, swimming? I could go on, but I think you get the point. You do not have to sit in the traditional sense of the word to meditate. However, that is also one of my favorite ways as well. I’ve been doing it for so long that my body and brain are now well trained. The moment I sit and take a breath the brain knows its time to take a nap.

I got a long way from Love didn’t I? Well, it is in that space of centering, that we get to EXPERIENCE the Love that already lives inside of us. The Love that we ARE. That Love that you feel is not just a good feeling, it IS WHO YOU ARE. Do you hear me? It IS WHO YOU ARE. When you can make that connection you are on your way to shifting out of the old limiting, false beliefs of who you think you are, and into a space of expansion and Truth and knowing who you Are.

When you understand that you ARE indeed that Love, you understand yourself on a much deeper level. Understanding yourself on that level you begin to understand ALL, everything, on that level…not just you, but others, and situations. From that space, you see the underlying subtle energies that let you know why those situations are happening. And from that space you are able to choose Love in response to the situations, instead of the old, limiting choices that perpetuate the fear, frustration, anxiety and stress.

You will never find the answer in your head…ever. You will only continue to choose from the same beliefs that got you into that space in the first place. : ) The answers live in your Soul. And in your Soul there is Love.

Love is the answer…Love is always the answer.

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Our vision can be so limited. We can have the tendency for our focus to be only one sided. And it goes even deeper than simply being one sided…its tunnel vision. We are trained this way, as children. All of us…OK, most of us.

 The scope of our vision, and even our belief system, is to include only what you can visually see with our physical eyes. I’m learning, more and more every moment, that there is so much more to see. There is another vision. There is more ‘out there’ than what we can see with our eyes.

I was handed a message during on of my sessions that says it all; ”Everything you see with your physical eyes is not the Truth.” Everything. Yup, everything.

So then, what lies beyond our physical vision? That’s the key isn’t it? Hence, the title of this discussion…exploring the full extent of the vision.

Back to childhood…we are trained to use our eyes to determine Truth. If you can’t see it, touch it, feel it, it’s not real. Oh how I’ve learned that this is not complete. And actually, what I’ve learned, through personal experience, is just the opposite. The Truth to who and what we Are lies within our Soul. It’s in that space that we can’t see with our physical eyes. But we sure can connect with it, feel it with our inner senses, and definitely touch it through our hearts.

And it’s in that space where we find the subtle energies and reasons to why situations happen the way they do. It’s here where we discover that we Are so much more than we have been trained to think we are.

So, how do we explore the full extent of our vision? How do we learn to go beyond what our physical eyes are showing us? First, by acknowledging that there is more. Yeah, we may not know what that ‘more’ is at the moment, but just the awareness that there is more to what we see enables us to open the door to look beyond our physical vision.

Second, by centering in your own Soul. Take the time to change the old habits of behavior. Almost everything we do is by default. We have the same routine in the morning, we drive the same routes, we dress the same, we respond the same, we think the same thoughts day in and day out. Take a moment to first ask yourself why you behave or react the next time a situation arises. From there take a nice deep breath and settle into your Soul. Ask it, “What am I not seeing?” or “How do I really want to be in this situation?” You’ll be surprised at what you discover.

If you are meditating or centering yourself on a regular basis, this technique can come very easy for you. Of course you actually have to practice it in order to get results. If you are not centering yourself, or spending time within your Soul during the day, personally I highly suggest it. In my experience it has made all the difference in my world.

Exploring the full extent of the vision gives a whole new meaning to what’s really going on outside of us. I’m reminded again and again in my own meditations that there is another way. We have a tendency to think that there is only one way to get through a situation. That’s not true. There is always another way. Choose to see it. Choose to move out of the fear that locks you into seeing only one option. Your Soul knows exactly how to deal with it, providing a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Ah yes, there really is something more out there…have fun exploring!

Light and Love,

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