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Judgment. It’s amazing how often we judge. Maybe it’s better said…it’s amazing how often we don’t. We very rarely step outside of judgment into a space of Trust, or allowing. I’ve been practicing too! Keeping my eyes and senses open for when I do step into the arena with judgment.

Well, I got a good dose of awareness the other day. During a session with a friend a ‘little Being’ came in. This sweet little thing wanted to share some information with us. When I let my friend know that this Being was there and wanted to share, my friend’s response was “is it for my highest good?” He may have said greatest good, I can’t remember exactly. Anyway…the Being looked at me with the funniest, most crocked face and said “What the hell does that mean?” I almost had to laugh. He (I call it a he only because its energy had a masculine feel) was just too cute. He had no idea what my friend meant by that statement…none at all. My friend tried to explain to him what he meant by highest good. He used all the right words, descriptions and identifiers, but the Being just wasn’t getting it.

Do you know why? He wasn’t getting it because where he came from he doesn’t know highest from lowest, greatest from worst. And do you know why? Because where he comes from there is no such thing as polarity…no judgment. He simply had information.

At first it didn’t hit me. I mean I understood what he was saying and I laughed right along with him. He truly had no concept of highest vs. lowest good…or bad. After sitting in his energy for a bit and communicating with him it hit me. Even in our most expansive, spiritual, Divine, open ideas we still judge. If something is ‘good’, then there must be a bad right? If something is for our highest good, then there must be our lowest? Right?

Well, only in our heads. There is no such thing as highest good! It all simply IS. It’s only good or bad in our own minds, in our own judgment, in our own thoughts. Even our idea of spirituality is one big judgment. Certainly if something isn’t deemed spiritual than it’s removed from the ‘spiritual box’ or that idea. And if something is deemed spiritual than well it must be alright and we include it. We’ve taken Oneness…or what ever you want to call it…and compartmentalized it. In ‘identifying’ or giving spirituality a description or specifics, we have just separated it from Oneness. HAHAHAHA

I thought that was the funniest thing! We dive into spirituality in order to journey inward, toward ourselves, toward our creator if you will, and what we dive into is simply shoving us back into polarity, duality…judgment! Hahahahaha

There is no such thing as highest good! There is no such thing as lowest good! It all simply IS. Period! What we do with it is what matters. I can see so clearly that we have compartmentalized, polarized, dualized (is that a word? Spell check says no) and basically judged every aspect of our lives. The moment we judge something…right, wrong…good, bad…more, less…we bring it into the arena of polarity. And what is polarity but separation. We live our entire lives in the space of separation…being separate from our creator, this universe, EACH OTHER!

Just because we live in a place that is polar, or lives through polarity (because this physical world is polar), doesn’t mean that we are polar! It doesn’t mean that we are good or bad, right or wrong, more or less! It doesn’t mean that we have to be good in order not to be bad. It doesn’t mean we have to be right in order not to be wrong. It simply means that in order for the physical things in this world to exist polarity needs to exist. We are not physical. We inhabit physical bodies, but we are not physical. We are not polar/dualistic…we simply Are everything…not either or.

Remember…the moment we buy into something we instantly become a ‘victim’ of it.

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