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wings9   My Angels are pushing me again, so I happily oblige and share another excerpt from the book. This book is not mine, even though it has my name as author. The book belongs to Archangel Michael, for he is the one who wrote it…he just used me and my computer.

Again, Archangel Michael’s words are Italicized, mine are regular type. If you get stuck on the wordage of God, please feel free to insert what ever word, sound, feeling or phrase that fits your description of All That Is. Enjoy.

All space is sacred and blessed. Some points in your linear world may hold stronger energy, but all space is blessed. All space, every space, is sacred. Even when you think a heinous act is being committed, that space is also sacred. While you see ugliness, there is actually beauty there. See the beauty. See the cycle, see the Love. Do not cry for those who choose to move on. Do not cry, celebrate. Know also that you too will follow. You always do, you always will. Do not get caught up in this world of duality. Do not get caught up in this world of material possessions. They are meager. They are non-existent. There is only Love. Do not compete, for no person is better than the other. You are all the same. Come from your heart, come from your soul. There is where you are ‘safe’.

All flows through me, I flow through All.

Those things that distract you let them flow through you as well. Do not give them any attention. Let your attention stay in the light. The distraction will flow through you quickly, as long as you do not block it by focusing on it. If you must focus on it, see it for the Love that it is, nothing more. For every moment is beautiful. Every moment is filled with Love. If you do not block the energy the first time around you will see that it carries Love. When it becomes blocked and you begin to fight it that is when you can no longer see it as Love. You begin to see it as a burden; you begin to fear the change that it might bring. Do not resist. Let the energy flow. Let the Love flow. Maybe if you can see it as Love you would not resist it so much. Enjoy your day, enjoy your life, and enjoy your experience.

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Love is the answer…Love is always the answer. And if you haven’t felt the power of Love I invite you to settle into your Soul and experience the peace, joy and abundance it carries.  Love gives us the opportunity to see the situation from a different perspective and then make a choice from that space, instead of from the space of fear. That’s when the negative patterns end, and life begins.

Love is the answer. In the space of Love we are able to understand the subtle energies that underlie each and every situation. These subtle energies show us the why to everything. Everything happens for a reason. We may not know or understand the reason at the given moment, but we will, if we listen to our Soul.

Prayer is described as talking to God (or what ever you call that space), Meditation is described as listening to God. We can not hear if we are continually talking…whether it’s to God or someone else. We must be silent in order to hear.

Give yourself the opportunity to be silent. And I don’t mean that you need to sit in meditation for hours on end. In fact, you don’t have to sit at all. Meditation can be done anywhere, any time, for any length of time. Meditation, which to me is a taboo word, has old ideas attached to it for many people. Just the mere mention of meditation will shut people down and make them withdraw in a heart beat!  Why do we have such anxiety over something that is so calming? It’s the stigma that goes with the word. That’s it. Most people don’t even realize that they have been doing it for years…just not the way most of society portrays it.

Let’s shift the word from meditation to centering. Centering yourself in your Soul…because that is what we do when we are meditating. Centering is done each and every time you are ‘doing’ something you enjoy. It’s when you are doing something where your brain is not engaged. My mother does this when she is ironing. How fabulous is that!? Personally, I like to center when I am hiking in the mountains. It comes naturally in that space. My brain is not at all engaged and the beauty of nature aligns and balances my body naturally. What are some of the things you like to do that put that natural smile on your face? Gardening? Cooking (another favorite of mine)? Photography? Music? Art? How about something like bowling, fishing, jogging, riding, swimming? I could go on, but I think you get the point. You do not have to sit in the traditional sense of the word to meditate. However, that is also one of my favorite ways as well. I’ve been doing it for so long that my body and brain are now well trained. The moment I sit and take a breath the brain knows its time to take a nap.

I got a long way from Love didn’t I? Well, it is in that space of centering, that we get to EXPERIENCE the Love that already lives inside of us. The Love that we ARE. That Love that you feel is not just a good feeling, it IS WHO YOU ARE. Do you hear me? It IS WHO YOU ARE. When you can make that connection you are on your way to shifting out of the old limiting, false beliefs of who you think you are, and into a space of expansion and Truth and knowing who you Are.

When you understand that you ARE indeed that Love, you understand yourself on a much deeper level. Understanding yourself on that level you begin to understand ALL, everything, on that level…not just you, but others, and situations. From that space, you see the underlying subtle energies that let you know why those situations are happening. And from that space you are able to choose Love in response to the situations, instead of the old, limiting choices that perpetuate the fear, frustration, anxiety and stress.

You will never find the answer in your head…ever. You will only continue to choose from the same beliefs that got you into that space in the first place. : ) The answers live in your Soul. And in your Soul there is Love.

Love is the answer…Love is always the answer.

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As I sat to meditate this morning I could feel a twinge in my shoulder. I found myself sighing. Yet again there is this twinge in my shoulder. My first reaction was that I needed to release it so I could continue the meditation unchallenged. And then, I stopped. Unchallenged? Was I really thinking that the pain in my shoulder was a hindrance? Hindrance? Hmmm No, I will not go to that place of hindrance because I know that I am the only one that creates the hindrance…in regards to anything. It is not the pain that was creating it.

Big deep breath to re-center. I begin by asking my twinge what I could do to help it. The answer back was exactly what I needed to remember. The answer was “I’m here to help you.” In a single breath the sublte reason and all that it encompassed settled into my Being and I fully understood. That twinge in my shoulder was there to bring me back to center. It was there to remind me that I wasn’t in my center. As I settled into that space of my Soul, that space of Love, I felt my entire body relax and respond. The twinge even responded. My body began to hum with Love and Light as I sat in that space.

I was reminded that when ever we pull ourselves our of out center our body will let us know. And I find it funny just how that happens. It seems to run the gamut when giving us signals. Some can be small, like stubbing the toe, a twinge in the shoulder, a banged elbow or knee. If we don’t pay attention at that point they seem to get louder, a cold, allergies, the flu, etc. And if we are still not paying attention…broken bones, and life threatening diseases. All for the sake of reminding us to come back to center.

I thanked my shoulder, and the twinge, for such a beautiful reminder and invited it to come back again when it noticed I was ‘off’ center. I very much appreciate it’s diligence, dedication, and Love it has for me. The pain in my shoulder had the power to bring me back to center.

How many times have we looked at pain as a hindrance and responded by simply doing everything in our power to remove it. We even put chemicals in our bodies to remove the pain, when all the pain wanted to do was remind us that we weren’t centered.

The next time you have a pain, take the time to honor that pain and re-center. I’m telling you, the moment you center yourself back into your Soul, back into a space of Love, not only will whatever you’re trying to deal with on the outside shift…so will the pain.

Pain has the power to remind us about the power of Love.
Thank you body! I Love you!

Light and Love,

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