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It’s been a pretty intense few weeks (if not 2 years!) for many of us. Seems like we’re all being asked to take a very good look at our ‘relationships’…who we are in them, what we expect from them and why. Many of us, when looking at relationships, consider the ones we are in with another person. However, the most important relationship we will ever have in our entire existence is the one we have with ourselves. It is THAT relationship that gets projected out onto the rest of our relationships…whether that is with another person (platonic or romantic), a situation, or something else (nature, animals, and the world in general).

So, as we begin to take a look at what our current relationships look like to us, we can remember that what ever it is we are seeing (or experiencing) is a mirror of what is going on within.

Not liking the relationship you are in right now? Ask yourself why. Stay away from blaming the other person, or making their actions the reason for your discomfort. Look at you…and just you. Why are you uncomfortable? What is their behavior triggering inside of you? Is it making you feel unappreciated…unloved…unworthy…etc.? Nobody has the ability to make you feel anything. If it is being triggered inside of you, it is because you already have that belief about yourself to begin with. The other person’s behavior is simply reminding you of that belief. They didn’t put it there, you did. Hence…this is the relationship you have with yourself. Yes, when you are liking your relationship, you are still looking at a reflection of Self, you are seeing the Love that you are projecting out.

When you change the relationship you have with Self, when you see yourself for the perfection and wholeness, limitless and boundless Self that you are, then THAT is what gets projected out onto the rest of your ‘relationships’.

Every relationship we have…whether it be with a human, animal, nature, situation, etc…gives us the opportunity to see and know ourselves. Again, working on the knowledge that every relationship is a projection of the one with have with ourselves, so naturally we are looking at ourselves.

The term ‘relationship’ itself implies the existence of parts. But, there is only One. We are One…so, everything that we are in relationship with. IS essentially Self.

How you view that ‘relationship’ is key. Are you viewing through the ego ‘eye’…or through Consciousness?


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Healing…what an interesting phenomenon. How do we describe this act that everyone is wanting at some point in their lives. We want to heal physical wounds as well as emotional wounds. The common denominator regarding both is that we usually go to someone outside of ourselves to assist us in the act of healing. Hell, most times we depend solely on another person to do all of our healing for us. Whether that person is a medical doctor, a naturopath, an energy ‘healer’, etc. Doesn’t matter what they call themselves, healing is the key word.

What we don’t realize though is that emotional wounds and physcial wounds are directly connected. Our emotional state is a direct reflection of our physical state. Yup…direct reflection. So, if we focus on ‘healing’ only the symptom or the wound, we are seriously missing the boat. And chances are…actually, it’s 100% assured…it will reoccur. Maybe not in the same place, or with the same symptom, but it will most definintely return. Then what? We go back to the ‘doctor’. No wonder they make so much money! LOL

Healing is a state of mind. Yup…a state of mind. An idea that we were given as children and we are still holding on to desperately. When actually, another person can not ‘heal’ your pain or wound (be it physical or emotional). Another person may be a catalyst for your focus shifting…but they don’t heal your wound. And, that is what healing is all about. Not ‘healing’ the wound, but shifting your focus from one of ‘less-than’ (because that is after all what creates the wound) to one of Love. Love doesn’t ‘heal’ the wound, it just removes it totally…because there can be no wound (or pain) in the space of Love…only perfection.

Not to say that ‘doctors’ aren’t needed…we all need a little help remembering who we are once in a while. But to rely on them solely for ‘healing’ will only keep you in the space of ‘pain’. Energy workers/healers are fabulous because while under their immediate care you literally are shifting your focus from one of ‘less-than’ to one of something else. They can help move you into a space of Truth. Only you can walk through the door, but they can guide you to it. Only you can experience the Truth. Then you must learn to do it on your own. And, when you do…you too will realize that there is nothing that needs healing…that you have been and still are and always will be…simply perfect.

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Here I am…just spreading a little Love.

Close your eyes…take a nice deep breath and relax. That’s it…just relax and release your muscles…your abdomen…your back…your hips…very nice. Keep breathing. Nice and deep, relaxing all the time. With every out breath release your muscles even more…your back…your shoulders…your chest…your jaw.

 Doesn’t that feel good?

As you relax the muscles feel the energy flow within you. Notice how it feels…notice what it is…does it have a color…a feel…is it telling you something?

I’m sitting in the middle of a great pink energy…feeling it as it continues to flow through me…touching everything…filling everything with Love…a beautiful pink, lush, growing Love. It is for you…it’s all for you.

Let it fill you. Let it touch you. Let it remind you of who you Truly are.

Love…it’s an amazing thing. And just think…it’s exactly what we’re made of. Each and every one of us…spawned from Love. Makes me smile it does, knowing that each and every one of us come from something so spectacular, so special, so magical…so perfect.

We Are Love. Nice big deep breath. My love to you.

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Lately the reminders have been showing up constantly…that we don’t have a life, we ARE life…that we don’t have a Soul, we ARE a Soul. With every breath, with every experience and all of my awareness I see in front of me the old perceptions fading and the Truth revealing itself. I AM the Essence of Love. Each and every moment, with each and every breath. With everything that I do…or don’t do…I remember and feel the Essence of Love that I Am…that flows through me. Can you feel it within you?

Take a nice deep breath…that’s it…nice and big…relax into it. Settle into your sit bones, relax your muscles and repeat after me…as you continue to breathe…I AM the Essence of Love. Close your eyes, keep breathing, and continue repeating that mantra…I AM the Essence of Love. Allow yourself to feel it flow through you. Experience what it feels like. Become aware of how it transforms your body. How it elevates yet calms your energy. How it brings a smile to your face. Continue to breathe…feeling all the while the Essence of Love flow through your body…allowing all the while your body to remember that you ARE indeed the Essence of Love.

See you out there on the Love Waves!

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I had a session with a client the other day and a message around ‘judgment’ came through that was so simply elegant and profound that I had to share it. The message that came through stated simply:

“Who are we to look at the nose on our face and think ’It’s too big, it’s ugly!’? Who are we to look at a gift that God gave us and see it as something other than perfect?”

The nose was used simply as an example. And in the same breath…

“Who are we to look at someone else’s nose and deem it ugly or wrong? Who are we to see a gift that God gave to someone else and judge it as something other than perfect?”

Why the need to judge at all…ourselves or someone else? Because, we’re taught as children that there is a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way. We’re taught what is ‘pretty’ and what is ‘ugly’. Who are we to say that ANYTHING on this Earth is something other than perfect? Ask yourself who taught you what beauty is. Ask yourself who taught you what ugly is. Ask yourself why you choose to believe them…and ask yourself why you continue to choose from that belief.

We are all unique, individual expressions of God. (And I italicize that word because we all have a different word for It…choose your own.) God expresses uniquely through each and every one of us. How can we possibly think, for one moment, that we are something other than perfect? And when you see the perfection and Love within yourself…you’ll see it in everyone and everything else automatically.

Leave your judgments behind…of yourself, of others, of life, of death. Live fully who you Are, who you Truly want to Be…and the life you want to live. Don’t worry about other people’s judgments. Live your life…not theirs. Live your Love. Live your Passion. 

Right now, in this moment, close your eyes, take a nice deep cleansing breath, and place a smiley face in each and every one of the cells throughout your body. Your whole body…all of your cells…all the way from your head to your toes.

Tell me…did it put a smile on your face?

How do you want to be right now? Frustrated, angry, sad, happy, Loving…it’s your choice. Put some smiley faces in your cells…

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We can not fully experience life until we experience our Self fully.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the expansion. Imagine, better yet, the experience! We can only experience, outside of ourselves, that which we have experienced within ourselves.

Most people have only experienced a small portion of who they truly are. Some of us have experienced none of it, while others a great deal. If we only know ourselves on a superficial, egotistical level, that is all we will ever experience in our outer world. Personally, I call that MEDIOCRE. And the other phrase I use to describe that experience is…it sucks. Life sucks when we hide. And hiding is exactly what you are doing when you are living in the world of your ego…when you are living in the world of your own limiting, false beliefs about who and what you are (or aren’t).

Imagine experiencing a rich, full, sensual, expansive (and I do mean that in the largest sense), fulfilling, peaceful and loving world. I would tag that sentence with many more words trying to describe the feeling that lives inside of me as I touch it…but words just don’t do it justice. But, you know what I mean. Imagine living the life you can’t even imagine!

Imagine…knowing that it all lives inside of you, already. ALREADY. All you have to do is look at it…all you have to do is CHOOSE to look at it, to connect with it, to live it.

Unfortunately, most of us ‘hide’ who we are. Most of us think that what we are is ‘wrong’, ‘broken’, ‘inadequate’, ‘not enough’…so when it comes to interacting with others we hide behind a mask that covers those false beliefs. Hiding means that we dim our light…that we do not step into fully who we truly are. And if we are not stepping into fully who we are, we can not step into life fully.

Why do we hide? Why do we think that by being someone else we can be better? I’m here to remind you that you CAN’T. You are ALREADY the best, the brightest, the most Divine Being on this planet! You can not change that. You can not hinder that. You (or anyone else) can ever tarnish that.

Hiding doesn’t work, and really, you know this too. You’ve tried…but to no avail. However, you keep trying. Have you ever thought about trying something different? Have you ever thought about living life the way you really want to? Have you ever tried to express who you truly are, what you truly want to?

More than likely, you’ve thought about it but opted out…for fear of what someone else might think. Well, I’m here to encourage you to shine. Shine your light as far as you can. If someone can’t handle the brightness or the way you shine it…that’s there own problem. Shine. Shine. Shine.

I would LOVE to see your light. Show me what you’ve got bay-bee! Every single one of us is here to be different. We’re not here to be the same as everyone else. We all come from the same Oneness, but yet we are all expressing it differently. I want to see, I want to experience, how YOU express it.

Don’t hide…hiding makes life suck. Shining makes life awesome, inspiring, fun, fulfilling, loving, balanced, exciting…go ahead, I dare you…shine.

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Unconditional Love.

Is there a difference between the two? It makes me smile when I know that there is no difference. If Love is not unconditional…than it is not Love at all. Period. So, actually, the word unconditional is not even necessary when talking about Love. When Love is, there are NO conditions…ever.

We use the word love so unknowingly. We are taught that love is something that someone else gives us. We are told that love is unconditional, but how often do we experience that…whether that love is coming from someone else, or going to someone else? Really? Be honest now. The moment the other person we are giving/receiving with does something that assumingly makes us feel ‘bad’ or ‘hurt’ we stop the giving/receiving. Right there…that lets you know that the ‘love’ is definitely conditional. And what did we just learn…that if Love is conditional than it’s not Love at all. And if your ‘love’ fades for your partner or friend…it never was love to begin with. If you find yourself ‘falling out’ of love…it never was love to begin with.

We are taught that love is something that someone else gives us…something that is attained from outside of ourselves. I really don’t agree with the song that states “You’re nobody until somebody loves you.” Oh my crap (sometimes I have to laugh at how my language changed since I’ve been in Utah) what are we teaching ourselves, our kids???

Love is unconditional. Love exists within each and every one of us. We are born with it. That never changes. We do not need to reach outside of ourselves to feel it…we need only take a breath and move into the space of the Soul. There it lives. There it exists. There it is a state of Being. It is not something we acquire. It is not something we have to create. It simply IS. And it simply is, and always will be, unconditional.

There are not 2 or 3 or 4 types of love. There is only ONE. There is only Love! Big Love. Small Love. Brotherly Love. Partner Love. Good Love. Bad Love. Nope…just LOVE. It comes in one size…and one size fits all. It is a state of Being. It is the state of Being that we are all created in and created from. We all have the same amount.

You’ve heard me say it again and again…it lives within us, each and every one of us. Yes, every one of us. Just because we choose to see the fear in our head doesn’t mean the Love in our Soul does not exist. Simply turn your attention to the Love that lives inside of you and choose from that space…instead of the fear space.

If Love is a state of Being…is fear a state of Being? Hell no. Fear is a thought in your head. Love is your natural state of Being. Fear can not live in the space of Love…and Love can not live in the space of Fear. Just because we choose not to live or express our natural Love does not mean it’s gone. It just means we choose to express and experience life through fear.

Love. I highly encourage you to touch it, feel it, taste it, live it, share it…BE it. It’s a hell (or maybe that needs to be heaven) of a lot more fun than fear, that’s for certain.

So, no more ‘unconditional’ before the word Love. Love is, and always will be, unconditional. No need to use the word to differentiate between 2 different kinds of Love any longer. When we speak of Love, when we feel it, when we express it…it simply is…LOVE.

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